MFT are looking at the strategic direction for Depden Care Farm (DCF) for the next 5-10 years and the Board of Trustees would welcome your comments.  The current version of the strategic plan can be downloaded below.

It is hoped that this document will serve as roadmap beyond the immediate operational plans and will act as a guiding light for future activities and developments. We will of course continue to ensure annual plans and budgets are agreed for each forthcoming year.

Our purpose is, and will remain, to provide opportunities for those with learning, physical and mental health needs to experience real work, to learn as part of a team where possible and to develop their self-confidence and work-based skills.

Our immediate focus will be to ensure that we complete all of the initiatives and development that we have started and to ensure that we maximise the utilisation of our assets within our existing framework of provision.

Alongside this activity we will review how we can do more for our existing farm helpers, ensuring that we are stretching them enough and measuring their achievement appropriately with an eye to helping those who can transition into work.

Our longer-term objective is to use our learning and experience to expand the opportunities available to those who would benefit from spending time at a care farm.

We recognise too that we need to develop a more comprehensive process for ensuring we have the right people and staffing structure in place to enable our farm workers get the best possible experience and MFT makes the most of the assets that it is entrusted with.

In summary we need to be able to adapt what we offer to respond to the changing requirements of our key health and social care and health funders.

If you have any comments on the Strategic plan you can email them to Tim: